Machine Rebuild Program

We offer a Complete Factory Rebuild Program for all equipment originally manufactured by Unison. It has been our experience completely rebuilding your existing equipment can be one of your most cost effective alternatives. As the original manufacturer of your equipment, Unison is the best company to perform work on your grinders. If you have your grinder completely Factory Rebuilt, it will be brought back to original factory specifications and upon completion of our work, your machine will both look and perform "like new".

An example of the work you can expect if you have Unison completely Factory Rebuild a Model 2600 CNC Grinder:

Teardown and rebuild your existing machine; repairing or replacing any worn or non-working components
Rescrape and hand flake the X, Y & Z axis machine ways
Repair or replace X, Y & Z axis ballscrews and related bearings, seals, etc.
Replace worn out electrical components as required
Supply and install new Programmable Keyboard, if required
Furnish new Color Flat Panel Monitor
Install new Yaskawa AC servomotors and drive amplifiers on all axes
Install new servo drive motor adaptors, as required
Rewire machine and electrical panels to accommodate AC motors and drive amplifiers
Rebuild grinding spindle motor, if required
Evaluate the machines' Computer Control and replace/repair components as needed
Install our latest Version of Software
Rebuild A-Axis Workhead and adapt for new servo drive motor
Sand, prime and paint the exterior of the machine as necessary
Sand, prime and paint the interior of the enclosure of the machine

Feedback from Unison's customers, who have evaluated the cost of purchasing new equipment versus the cost of rebuilding their existing machines, tell us having Unison rebuild their equipment was their lowest cost alternative when compared to purchasing new equipment from one of our competitors. Some of their considerations are as follows

Ease of Transition - Existing customer's operators are already trained in the use of our equipment so only minimal training is required for them to become proficient with a rebuilt machine. Unison's new software is virtually identical to the format you are currently using.
Time to Qualify new Equipment - Unison's equipment has already been qualified in our customer's facility so the process to re-qualify a rebuilt machine is minimal.
Flexibility of Software - Unison's software is easy to use and, in benchmark comparisons with the software of our competitors' grinders, is usually found to be more flexible.
Three Dimensional Predictor - Unison's real-time 3D predictor is one of the best available on the market today for tool development.
AC Servomotors and Drives - Unison can install reliable AC Yaskawa servomotors and drive amplifiers on rebuilt machines.
Spare Parts Inventory - Many of the items you have in inventory for your current grinder will be usable as spare parts for your rebuilt machine.
Maintenance Advantage - You know how to service our equipment and preventive maintenance procedures have been already established with your personnel.

Fixture Rebuild Program

What can you expect from a Complete Factory Rebuild Program?

A Complete Factory Rebuild of a DedTru Model C includes disassembly to the base, inspection, as well as repair or replacement of the following items: bearings, seals, spindles, blade adjusting screws, pressure roll spring and locknuts, o-rings, wiper, drive belt, front & back belt covers, motor cover, sheaves, knurled nuts, rest plate stud, coolant tubes, petcock, spindle bolt, pivot block, blade holder assembly and installation of a new regulating roll. The fixture is completely painted and includes a 6 month warranty. Unison will also test your power supply and motor at no additional charge.

A Complete Factory Rebuild of a DedTru Model PGF includes disassembly, inspection, as well as repair or replacement of the following items as required: bearings, seals, spindle, spindle nut, motor cover, spacers, o-rings, belt, sheaves, coolant tubes, petcock, pivot block assembly and installation of a new 5" X 2" regulating roll. The unit is painted and includes a six-month warranty on the work performed.

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